Edward N. Ajlouny, Attorney at Law

I proudly served in the Marine Corps (Res.) over 30 years ago.  What the Marines taught me was that dedication to excellence, properly focused aggression and hard work will win the day against opponents in any arena.

After over 20 years of successfully litigating all types of Criminal cases for my many clients, often times there was a Family Law component to those cases.  The Trial skills I have acquired in the Criminal Courts have given me the edge in all types Family Law litigation as well.

Now, I offer a full service Trial Litigation practice in both Criminal and Family Law.  Succinct, focused and aggressive advocacy in both Courts has won the day for my clients time and again, such that they want me in their corner anytime there is a legal problem that needs fixing.

Aggressive Result-Oriented Criminal Law Representation

There is someone on your side who can help guide you through the tangled web called the criminal justice system. I know the law, and more importantly, I know the system.

While at the D.A.’s office, I worked on the Legal Research Team and later the Three Strikes Team. Therefore, I know the charging policies and standards of the D.A.’s office extremely well. When you hire this office, you can rest assured that you have an aggressive and devoted advocate on your side fighting to reserve your rights and freedom. If you seek an experienced and dedicated San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney with extensive criminal law experience, who is also affordable, call my office and I will work very hard to safeguard your Constitutional rights.

Aggressive Dedicated Family Law Representation

The law office of Edward N. Ajlouny has a unique approach in Family Law cases.  Rather than fan the flames of anger and tension between former couples, I seek common ground with the other side to promote settlement and calm resolutions to issues like difficult child custody matters or dividing marital assets.

My extensive Trial skills let the other side know that if they are not reasonable in their demands or goals, they will be in for a terrific fight in Court and often come out the loser.

Family Law cases are too expensive and last too long.  I focus on quickly obtaining the aims and goals that benefit your family most.  By being a straight shooter, I gain the trust of opposing counsel, and urge them to convince their client to be reasonable in their aims and goals as well, always remembering that the “best interests” of the children are of paramount concern.

If you seek an aggressive, yet fair and reasonable attorney, for your Criminal Defense or Family Law needs, you will be glad you chose the Law Offices of Edward N. Ajlouny.