Criminal Defense Lawyer Assisting With More Serious DUI Charges

When it comes to being charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), those facing felony charges have the most at stake. Felony charges are more serious than misdemeanor charges and, as a result, can lead to harsher penalties. There are a couple of types of circumstances that can lead to felony DUI. These include repeat DUIs and DUI that causes great bodily injury to others.

When facing these types of charges, it is best to work with an experienced San Jose criminal defense attorney who can handle even the most serious DUI cases. Trying to challenge your charges without a strong legal advocate by your side can leave you vulnerable to aggressive prosecutors who will try to get you convicted with the maximum sentence possible. By working with San Jose felony DUI defense attorney Edward N. Ajlouny, you can become informed about felony DUI in California, as well as your legal options for fighting such charges.

Being a convicted felon can negatively affect various areas of a person’s life, whether it is that individual’s career or personal life. Individuals with felony convictions can find it difficult to secure adequate employment or housing. These are just a few of the reasons that the appropriate action should be taken to avoid a felony DUI conviction. Learn more about what can lead to felony DUI charges.

DUI After Three Priors or After Felony Conviction

Individuals who have a certain number DUI convictions on their records are at higher risk of receiving felony DUI charges. If the driver has already been convicted of three or more DUI-related convictions within the previous 10 years, he or she can be charged with felony DUI. Furthermore, just one previous felony DUI conviction can result in the new DUI offense also being charged as a felony.

DUI Causing Bodily Injury

California has laws against committing DUI and subsequently causing another person bodily injury, particularly when that person also broke the law in another way or neglected any driving duties imposed by the law. Whether a DUI with injury will be charged as a felony can depend on the severity of the injury caused and other factors. In some cases, a DUI offense can even cause the death of another driver.

Furthermore, someone who is charged with DUI with injury can receive very severe sentencing if he or she already has a previous DUI history. According to California law, if an individual is convicted of DUI with injury within 10 years of another DUI, DUI with injury or a “wet reckless” charge, he or she can receive a prison sentence lasting between two and four years and a fine of between $1,015 and $5,000. The person could also lose his or her driving privileges for a period of five years.

Strong San Jose Felony DUI Defnse Attorney Taking Action

When a person being accused of DUI has previous convictions, prosecutors will try to use the defendant’s record to their advantage. They will try to use this information to portray the individual as someone who is likely to be guilty of the offense and as someone who should not receive any additional chances. When others are seriously injured or killed in a DUI-related incident, the situation becomes all the more serious.

If you are facing such a serious ordeal, don’t take any chances—make sure you contact a skilled San Jose felony DUI defense attorney who will take the most effective steps to safeguard your future. When Attorney Ajlouny takes on your case, he can investigate the facts relating to your arrest and to provide you with a strategic line of criminal defense. To learn about how you might be able to fight your felony DUI charges, contact us today!