Street Crimes

Have you been charged with a gang crime? California considers street gangs to be an organization or association of a group of three or more people that share a common name, symbol (such as tattoos or graffiti) and frequently meet in a specified location on a regular basis. The majority of street gangs often work together and perform illegal or violent crimes. Law enforcement officials are beginning to come down hard on gangs in San Jose and if you have been arrested under suspicion of being gang-affiliated, you may be facing very serious penalties.

Common crimes that are associated to street gangs range from vandalism to grand theft auto. A shocking majority of these crimes are often committed by juveniles and are therefore tried in a juvenile court. If you have been accused of a gang crime, whether you are actually involved in one or not, it is of the utmost importance that you get in touch with a San Jose gang crimes attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer will help build a strong defense and can fully investigate the causes that led the arresting officer to assume your affiliation in the first place.

Why work with a lawyer?

When you are arrested under suspicion of any crime that is assumed to be related to a gang, you could be facing imprisonment, fines and correctional actions. I will work with you on a personal basis to discover if you are truly affiliated to the gang or if you are simply a victim of profiling. A lot of times, people who are assumed to be a part of a gang are actually being wrongfully labeled. Just because you grew up in a particular neighborhood or are wearing certain colors, does not automatically assume that you are working with a gang. A strong defense built by an experienced gang crimes defense lawyer in San Jose can be the difference between a life of freedom and a life behind bars. Do not let your future go to chance, contact a San Jose criminal lawyer today.