What crimes are considered violent?

Have you or a loved one been arrested and charged with a violent crime? In the United States, the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics lists five types of crimes as being considered violent crimes. Murder, robbery, aggravated assault, simple assault and forcible rape are all considered as violent crimes. Violent crimes involve the use of threat or violence for the offender to force themselves upon the victim with or without the use of a weapon.

Annually in San Jose, approximately 3,264 violent crimes occur, which is actually generally low compared to the rest of the United States. Violent crimes hold different penalties depending on the crime that was committed and the events leading up to the crime. If a crime was considered aggravated it will hold a different penalty than a crime that is considered a means to an end (such as robbery.) Penalties range from time in a state correctional facility, lengthy incarcerations, fines and restitution to the victim and community service and probation. If you have been accused of a violent crime, you need to take action to ensure your future and contact a San Jose criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Work with an Experienced San Jose Violent Crimes Attorney

If you are in the San Jose area and have been arrested for a violent crime, it is important that you contact me as soon as possible. I work aggressively to build strong defense cases for my clients and defend their future and rights. There are times when innocent people are charged with crimes that they did not commit, and even if you are considered “guilty” you still deserve to be treated fairly and equally. Do not face the California criminal justice system alone. Contact my firm for strong legal defense and protect your rights today.