Offensive Behaviors

Have you been arrested for a domestic disturbance or domestic violence? Were you accused of harassing someone? The term harassment is a broad umbrella that encompasses numerous offensive and unacceptable behaviors. Harassment in the United States is protected against under the United States Civil Rights Act Title VII. Domestic violence and harassment fall hand-in-hand at times because cohabitating partners or spouses can sometimes act out in harassing behaviors in order to gain an advantage, control or power over another person.

Like stated before, harassment takes many forms. The definitions that it encompasses are broad, but common domestic violence and harassment cases do occur. A common harassment involving domestic violence is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment does not just involve workplace unwanted sexual advantages; sexual harassment can occur between married spouses or family members as well and often lead to other criminal charges. Psychological harassment can be compared to emotional abuse, where the offender uses interruptions or unprovoked intrusions into conversations. Other forms of harassment include bullying of children, stalking of former (or current) significant others and even verbal harassment.

Obtaining Representation for Your Charges

If you have been charged with any¬†domestic violence¬†disturbance or harassment offense, it is important that you contact a San Jose harassment defense attorney as soon as possible. You should never have to face the justice system alone in California and when you work with my firm you will never have to. All too often harassment or domestic violence charges are a simple misunderstanding or over-exaggeration of a circumstance or argument. An attorney can help you find weaknesses in the prosecuting party’s argument and build a strong defense for you. I have 17 years of experiencing in defending my clients and will work hard to fight for your case. Contact my firm today for a free consultation.