Domestic violence does not limit itself to physical abuse. There may be a number of reasons that someone may feel threatened by you and wish to file a restraining order or file charges against you. In fact, because domestic violence does not limit itself to one particular race, income level, gender or relationship type, it may be difficult to prove your innocence. Below are a few examples of common types of abuse that people find themselves being charged with.

Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is the intentional and willful harm caused by an abuser toward a victim to gain control. This type of abuse generally uses fear or force and can involve shoving, hitting, strangling or use of a weapon.

Emotional Abuse
Verbal abuse or emotional abuse often times correlates to other types of abuse. Threats, constant insults or forcing to the victim to check in and public or private humiliation can be determined to be a form of emotional abuse.

Sexual Abuse
This type of abuse limits a person’s ability to control when or where a sexual activity will occur and sometimes involves marital rape or forcible rape. Fear and intimidation are often used to control the victim and the abuser will often times limit the use or restrict the use of birth control methods.

Financial Abuse
Money can be important and a powerful tool for someone who is trying to take control of a relationship. By limiting funds or access to bank accounts and credit cards and making the victim become accountable for all transactions they spend can be a way of controlling a partner.

By constantly following, checking up on and watching or monitoring all activities of a partner or spouse, an abuser can gain control over their victim. Stalking usually places fear into the person being followed and holds them accountable for all that they do.

Digital Abuse
In today’s society, digital media is all around us. By using texting, phone calls, social media networks and computers to stalk, harass and bully a partner, an abuser can gain an upper hand. This type of abuse can sometimes fall into the emotional abuse category.

Fighting Your Charges

If you have been wrongfully accused of abuse and have been arrested or issued a restraining order, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. You can fight these allegations and may have your charges dropped if you act quickly to hire my firm. By working with a San Diego abuse charges lawyer, together we will find weaknesses in the prosecuting party’s statements and build a strong defense against your charges. Contact San Diego domestic violence defense attorney Edward Ajlouny today for a free case evaluation.