Dedicated to obtaining exemplary case results for every client that comes to my firm, it is my deepest desire to see that each individual and family walks away with a positive verdict. Aggressively representing every case that comes my way, I will not easily relent when it comes to your rights. When coming to my office for legal defense, you can be confident that you will work directly with me as your San Jose criminal lawyer. There will be no middle man that you will be forced to deal with. By offering affordable rates and a free case evaluation, it is my goal to cost you as little as possible and produce end results in an efficient manner. Rest easy when brining your misdemeanor or felony accusations to me, as I will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case looking for hidden evidence or witnesses to help prove your case. Read below to hear what some of my other past clients have had to say regarding my representation.

Client Testimonials

“Mr. Ajlouny is by far a 5 STAR rated lawyer! He is aggressive and confident. He defended my brother who was charged with 2 felony counts of Domestic Violence. The case went to trial and ALL 12 jurors voted NOT guilty! He is so knowledgeable of the law and puts sooo much effort in your defense! He was determined to fight this case to the end with Victory and that he did! I highly recomment him to anyone looking for a criminal lawyer–if you want JUSTICE. . .AJLOUNY is the way to go–definitely!”

Charlotte D.

“I had another attorney representing my case before Mr. Ajlouny. I changed my attorney as I was told my case might go to trial and I needed someone like Ed who is experienced in trial court. What a great difference was made after Ed took over my case!!! Ed did as he says he is aggressive and results-oriented. He worked actively on my case and successfully convinced the DA to dismissed the case before even filing with the court!!! Mr. Ajlouny charged me less money than my previous attorney and in fact the least among all attorneys I consulted for my case, but offered me the best result I could ever imagine.”


“I was charged with auto theft. I went to several lawyers who wanted to charge me a bundle. I didn’t know him, but hired Edward Ajlouny because he gave me a reasonable price and seemed honest. We got no deals so we went to jury trial. The case was complicated with other defendants. Edward Ajlouny did a great job, he wont the trial. He is an honest and a very tough lawyer, and I highly recommend him to other clients. I wanted to give him more than 5 stars!”

Eduardo Arriaga

“Our situation was quite unique and unexpected and having to find a lawyer last minute is never a great idea. We were fortunate to find Ed Ajlouny, the morning before the first hearing. Having seen great reviews I sought an opinion from him in regards to our case. Ed was able to gather information regarding the case in a quick manner, review fees with me without hassle, and provide me representation the same day. Since then, our case has moved forward positively. Ed has been very reliable and upfront. He has communicated with us frequently, kept up on the case, and represented us aggressively. Ed is an excellent trustworthy attorney. We can say he truly case about his clients and will do what he can for the best results. We would definitely recommend Ed to anyone who is seeking a great lawyer.”


“Attorney Edward Ajlouny kept his word “…I”’ jump right on it today….” My Elderly Abuse situation “…didn’t look good…” according to atty Ajlouny. On the hearing date atty Ajlouny had negotiated for me to make a Plea offer in exchange for a Misdemeanor conviction that carried a community service requirement which I was relieved to accept. I will refer atty Ajlouny to others in need of a hard working attorney.”


“Fantastic criminal attorney, pays individual attention to cases, high ethics, cares–AND HE DELIVERS RESULTS. Mr. Ajlouny represented a family member was arrested for a probation violation. He faced two to five years in prison and the probation office was intent on getting that sentence. So we hired Ed Ajlouny. Mr. Ajlouny charged a $3500 flat fee to represent him at all the hearings. It was a fair fee. Mr. Ajlouny researched alternatives to recommend to the judge that would be more in line with his violation. Ed called rne up on a Saturday having spent the day thinking, researching precedents, and preparing arguments to provide to the DA and the judge. Ed was available every day at any time as long as he wasn’t in court. He was hired on a Sunday at 5 He was fantastic in court. As a former prosecutor, he knew his way through the District Attorney’s processes. Yet, he did not set false expectations for us. He showed very high ethics, communicated status constantly, didn’t seem to live by the mental cash-counting calculator that most attorneys do. Although there are plenty of attorneys who would have charged three to four times as much, there is none that would have represented us better. The final sentence? 32 days in local jail, based on time served. We won’t forget you and please if you are looking for a criminal lawyer call Ed.”


“I was in a horrible situation and needed a lawyer. I was referred to Ed Ajlouny by another attorney who thought Ed would be better able to assist rne. Actually, he gave me 2 attorney names and after careful screening, I selected Mr. Ajlouny. He was brought onto this case late as I had a previous attorney who was inept. I found him to be a good listener, and he quickly grasped my situation. However, it changed very quickly when additional charges were piled on. Mr. Ajlouny was always under control and made me feel that I was in the hands of a true professional someone who knew the legal ins and outs and helped to ease my nervousness. He was successful in negotiating out a reasonable plea agreement and kept me out of jail. No easy task since every time I went to court the DA was trying to remand me. This was possible due to his knowledge of the iaw, and his positive working relationships within the DA’s office and with the judge. He was treated with respect throughout the process and even facilitated a meeting between the DA and I so I could tell him the truth. I am certain that this meeting was a key to his ability to negotiate a deal. I have never been in trouble with the law and never thought much about lawyers. Having the need for an attorney I came to the understanding that frankly speaking some are good and some aren’t. Ed is definitely an excellent attorney a great listener who promptly returned my calls and emails and is well respected. It is without reservation that I recommend Ed Ajlouny if you ever have a need for legal services in his area.”


“Not a pleasant feeling, having to hire a criminal attorney. I was really nervous, but I managed to find Mr. Ajlouny during a web Search. From the beginning, he made me feel relaxed and treated me with respect and professionalism. He is a caring and decent man, and a sharp, seasoned attorney. He knows all the local judges and does his homework. Most of all, he is human and makes you feel at ease. Not a characteristic one would associate with an attorney, but this man is the real deal. He takes the time to listen to your side of the story, and treats you as someone who matters and has worth. Again, I wasn’t expecting this from an attorney. Bottom line: this man l will give you the best legal defense money can buy, and you’ll be treated with respect through the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Ajlouny, and have seen the way other attorneys respect him in and out of the courtroom. Thank you for everything.”


“Edward is a great attorney very helpful, very encouraging, very upfront and honest about the possibilities in my case. Edward also was very good about communicating with me about the process and at each stage of my case, and most importantly he produced results. I was extremely happy about the outcome of my case, which ended in the best possible way. Thank you Edward.”


“I was charged with drug possession. I talked to several lawyers and Edward provided true and honest opinion right into the pocket. He talked to the DA at pretrial and the case got dismissed although some complications of possible downturn. He is the best lawyer for your time and money.”

Ann T.